About Us

REA Superfoods offers functional food for a health boost in the most convenient way. Our products are 100% pure and are either organic or all natural without the use of synthetic chemicals and genetically modified ingredients. The products are sourced from all over the world from reputable farmers who share the same belief- making high quality products with passion.

As we all know, eating well is the base of our happiness which leads to a healthy glow. The challenge most people are facing is consuming enough nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables each day, which results in a fading healthy glow and compromised health.

REA Superfoods would like to tell you that it is easy to include real nutrition using our delicious real food powders in your main meals, drinks, snacks and even your beauty regimen! All you have to do is add, mix or sprinkle our easy-peasy food powders rich in vitamins and antioxidants into any food you desire to get your health back on track. Fuel your healthy lifestyle with Rea Superfoods and get that healthy glow you long for!